Thursday, November 5, 2009

the challenges of art history

today I'm going to talk about the challenges that art history has today. maybe one of the greatest challenge is the one related with the job once we finish the career, find a job it's very difficult but not impossible, if we really try and search there are always a way to find one.
in the matter of technology I think that it's maybe a not a challenge itself, because it could be use in a positive way, we could be more connected with people who work in the same area that we do in other countries, or we also have more access to the information, although this could be at the same time a difficulty because today exist to much information, so it's a little hard to find what we really need.
in the art itself the technology is an opportunity for new types of art, like video art of photography, and it also could be a challenge because today any person could do a video or take a photograph, and the artist work is sometimes left on the side. for the other hand the new technology came to replace some types of art like paint, or maybe not replace but out of place, because for the people it's more interesting see "new things" that things that are old. in spite of this some artist are working mixing the paint we the technology.
in other topics related with the education area I think that the art history it's not very known. in the schools the programs or studies don't have included nothing related with this, only the art class, but it's mot the same. I think that it's important for the children and for all to know some about art, like they know about history in general or mathematics. if we ask to any child what chilean artist know they probably to mention some person who work on tv, and if you ask about one painter the probably don't know any. maybe if the state care much about this type of things the education of our people were more complete and maybe more satisfactory.
and how in the area of education the art history is so poor in the social level the art it's also very little known. today the art it's related in his mayority inside a group related to the art, like the critics, the theoreticals, and the same artists. people in general don't understand the art of nowadays, but it's not their fault, is a matter of all that we involved in this area and it's a matter of the authorities of the country.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

faculty of arts Las Encinas

The faculty of arts of the uneversity of chile is divided in three parts, two are in the center of Santiago (the music one and the drama one), and the other its in the campus Juan Gomez Millas, and is the one that I'm study. in this faculty are the careers if visual arts and History of arts. maybe this situation its the most important if we think about the other faculties in the university that are all together, by their specifics areas. this situation in our faculty makes the union between the students difficult and some times there is not relation at all.

Besides this situation there is another that is important as well, the infrastructure is not the best, like some classrooms that have chairs that are not very comfortable and some times there are not the number that its needed. also the english laboratory don't work in the way that supposed to, like the connection to the net is very slow, and the computers are many times in bad conditions. and not just the infrasturcture is not the best, the people who work in the administration area are not very productive, when you go to ask for some things they never know anything and just send you to another office where they tell you that have not idea what are you talking about and that you have to go to ne other office........ the same that send you to them in the first place....... it is very frustrating.

maybe if the government or the authorities of the university took more seriously the situation of the students of art, and the art itself, they do something for fix the situation. I think that one step to improve our situation is the bicentenario project that it's going to take place in the next years in the campus JGM, altough I think that is not the best project but we can see it like a intent for improve this and the other faculties of the campus.

for the last I left the thing that I find is the best of our faculty, the grass, the mot nice place in all faculty, where we can study, relax, eat, and party jejeje.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

the chilean people

first of all I think that the identity of the nations in general has been changing because of the globalization, wich make that some characteristics that in one time belong to one nation, today we can seeit in several parts of the world.
the identity of chileans in particular and the Latin Americans in general are condition by the colonialism, this is why I think that maybe in this country sometimes is difficult find our own identity, because we are a mix of many cultures, like the spanish, the natives, and today we are also influenced by the north american culture. but maybe we can see this mix of cultures like the essence of our, maybe Chile is just that.
but maybe the most awful about our identity is that we try to live like the biggest countries, like France or England, and we forget about what's really ours, the native culture. in the time of the colonialism many native groups who lived in this country were exterminated, and just a few ones remain, like the mapuche people, that are ours inmediated relatives, but we think that we are better that them and so we treat them.
I think the most of the chileans are socially ambicious and they look to native persons like if were less just because they are natives, but they don't see that mapuches are a very important part of our identity, not just of our genetic but our history too. they were one of the few (or maybe the only) native group that fougth with the colonizer and resist for many many years, and not just that, they were capable of cause several looses in the enemy. but in stead of treat them with respect we create laws that make them terrorist, when all they do is try to fight for what is right, the right to live in the land that belong to them.
I think taht if we aprecciate more our roots (like others Latin Americans countries does) maube we can have a more strong identity, and we were not just a county who want to be like others.

Friday, September 4, 2009

avant garde

today I'm going to talk about my favorite avant garde, but I really don't know if a have a favorite one. I think that the avant garde most interesting for me is the russian contructivism, because the meaning that the people of this movment tried to gave to the art and the artist.

the construtivism think about the artist in a new way, before he just had to dedicate to his art, and he just work with the elements of art (like canvas, or paintbrush...). but with this movment that vision change, now the artist is a builder, who try to make objects that are not just an contemplation object but a useful object, useful for the people in general.

wht the constructivism try to do is improve the life of the workers and their families.

the most representatives artist of this are El Lissitsky, Ana Popova and Vladirmir Tatlin.

I think that Tatlin was the most representative of all because it was him who in many ways bring to life this movement. he's most famous work, at least the mos important was the monumet of the third international, work that never was made, he just made a model, that was destroy and today we only have a picture. this monument it was suposed to be a symbol of the proletariat, a kind of eiffel tower of Russia.

I like this avant garde bacause in so many ways develop an idea about how the world should be, a world were the poor ones had oportunities and they can change the world. all the avant gardes tried to do something about the way that the people in the power rules, but maybe the constructivism was the most meaningfull.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm going to talk about the transantiago and its development since its apperance.

when the yellow buses was on the street the poeple had to pay every time they get in, but now with the new system you only have to pay one time, I think that is better because you could save a lot of money.

the worst part of this system is the routes, because the people who did the master plan seems to forgot about the puputation who lives in the extrems of the city. other thing that is worst about this compared to the old system is the frecuency of the buses, which are very slow. sometimes I have to wait for over 30 minutes to finally get on the bus, and sometimes I just can't get in because the bus is full.

in spite of this I find that the system it's a little better that in the beginning. now there are more buses (altough they are not enuogh), but I don't thing that is much more better than before.

I don't now if it's for better or worst but the people is getting used to this system, so like everything in life, we maybe don't fights for our rights of having a decent bus system like we should have. the authority should try, really try to make things better, because they always do the things in a bad way and spect for that to work, in papper is all beautiful, but in the reallity is not. maybe if they care more about this it wouldn't be so hard to fix it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the animal rights

the animals are considered by the humans like objects and property, and for this reason the human race believe that they can do anything they want whit them. people use the animals to do experiments, for fun like in the circus or meking them fight, and also treat them like if they were objects that not feel any pain so the humans kille them in the most horrible way as posible.
I personally think that this is not right because the animals don't belong to us, the animals are part of the world and we just share it with them, and because of this I found necessary to look out for them, and try to coexist in harmony.
fortunately exist some people that cares about this situation and expend most of they lives trying to create conscience about the animal rights, and also trying to save them for the indiscriminate slaughter. the most famous group is maybe Greenpeace and they not just worry about animals they worry about the environment too.
In Chile I think that the animal rights are not very consider, because the people are not very conscience about how the industries mistreat them, and the authority do very little to create a concience, because taking care of animals is more expensive that not doing nothing at all.
in the past days we are seen in the news several cases about people that not respect the animals, llike the situation in Valparaiso were many dogs were mistreat. this is just one example but I think that it represent how this society treat thoose beings that we thought are inferior to us.
for all of this I try to use products that are not tested in animals and also try to eat the least meet posible

Monday, June 22, 2009

my experience.....

I really don't know how my bloggin experience was, because I think that was good for improve in my writing skills, but at the same time I don't like very much this type if things (the blog thing).
the good part of this was that I could learn something new like use a blog, at first I had some issues because I didn't know exactly how to use this, I even loose one post complete once and I had to write it again (of course rocio laugh of me). so I can say that this activity had moments very fun.

the bad part was that sometimes I didn't like the topics that we had to write about, and sometimes I didn't know what to write about this topics so I took some time, maybe to much, to do this activity, but the important is that I did all the post.

the part related to the class I think that the blog help to get better or at least try to get better in the writing, but I really don't know if I improve much or not, I think that I did, because now I put more atention in the gramar (before I didn't even notice) and also helped me to learn to use the past in a better way, altough I still need to work on it.

even I didn't like this activity specially and didn't like to use this mean to express i think we have to try and look the positive part of this, because we have to do this anyway, so it's better put a happy face jjejee.

I don't know if we are going to have to do this the next semester but if we do at least I already kmow how to write in a blog, so I don't going to have the sames problems that I had this one.... I hope

Monday, June 15, 2009

my future...

In five years from  now I  hope I will be studying cinema and also working in something related with my current career, like doing assistance ship for a teacher in the university.

In the personal life I really don’t know what I’m going to be doing, because that depends on the things that will happen in between. Maybe I’m gonna be living by my own, or at least that is what I`m planning to do.

If for some reason I couldn’t study cinema, I would like to go to live somewhere in Europe, like Spain or France.

Although I really want to do all this stuff, I don’t like very much to think about the future, I prefer to live the present, and enjoy as much as possible the moment.

Maybe….. in five years I’m going  to be married and I’m going to be a mom, or maybe I will be study science or mathemathics….. I really don’t have a clue

Saturday, June 13, 2009

about Ken robindson's talk

In the video of the talk "schools kill creativity" by Ken Robins in TED's website, he speaks about how the education system should pay more atention to children's creativity. he think that creativity is as important as literature.
the artistic side it should have more importance beacuse the body is very important and the education system ignore it, or just give them a second place, like an after class actitvity.
Mr Rovinson also gives it importance to the fact of been wrong and don't care about it, quality that childrens have. this it is importante because they have the capacity to imagine and create diferent things in the moment that they are wrong, and they don't worry, just act.
he concludes by saiying about education that it need to evaluate his foundations, with the purpose of make persons more prepare for the future, and also to make them more complete by develop all the capacities they have not just intellectual ones.
I personally think that what this man it's talking about is very importat because many times the schools repress their students and they can not develop all they capacities. this situation, I think, are more usual in countries less develop, because theiy are more focus in the economic growing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My favorite subject

My favorite subject this semester is the elective about sociology of art.  This subject studies the impact that the society has in the art field, and how the new techniques of production allow expanding this field.

I like it because we can see how the art changes with the period and how the period it’s reflect in the piece of art. This vision allows me to watch the importance that art has in the people’s life.

In class we study meanly the work of Walter Benjamin “The art in the time of technique reproduction”  where the author write about how the possibility of  reproduction of art`s pieces had changing the position of art in the life of  people. The art has to stop being an object of  the religion and it becomes in a mercancy object, because now we have the possibility of buy this works or download from the web.

And also we study the work of Bordieu  who talk about the art field like a independent field of study, that has its own rules and its own specialist. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

The best one

Exist so many bright minds related to this area of thinking that it's very dificult to choose just one as my favorite, so I'm going to talk about someone that we are seen in class.... Inmanuel Kant!!! even hi isn't my favorite one I think that his influence in the way to apreciate the art it is trascendental.
the line of thinking inaugurated by kant and others philosophers  mark the begin of the modern time in the philosophy.
it is in he's third critic named "The critique of judgement" where Kant explain and develop his toughts about a concept known as  aesthetic  judgement, which define our way to look the art and the objects in the nature. in this work he stablish the diference between a judgement based on the understanding and other based on the reason. as a result of this Kant define the concepst of agreeable, beautiful, the sublime, and the good.
this definitions are the base from many theories about art, for example in the Romanticism the idea of the sublime was a main topic.
altough Kant wasn't the only one who work in base of this topics it's considered even today as a great exponent of the modern aesthetics, and his thinkings still create debate. 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

my friends

My best fiends  are Carolina and Cote. we know since school and we share a lot together.  
they always were with me when I need them, and I did the same for them.

we have a lot in comon but in many things we are opossite, I think that it's the reason for us to be friends, we complemet each other, even in the career we choose, one study auditing and the other nursery, and me...... well you know I study arts.  each one in a diferent area of studies. and altough we have diferent visions  we share many ideas of  life.
I really like that they make me laugh and  they  make my day happier.

in the last time we split up a little for things of our studies, and we don't see us much lately but I remember them always and I try to talk to them every time I can.

luckily in the university I meet people that are really nice to me and I care a lot about them. we have so much in common, style of life, ideals, and dreams to the future. even we know each other for one year and a half, we get closer and share a lot of important things, they are pachi, rocio, pancha, vale, jose.    

my favorite web site

My favorite web site is . this  site is for downloading all kind of things, such as music, book, videos,  etc. it's a free web site and allow me to get the things that I can´t buy or that I can't find in this country.

I discovered when I was searching in the web for some music that I wanted, and also some people told me about it. since I found it I love it because I don't have to look for the things that I like in all web, I just have to enter in this site and search for anything that I want. I also can upload documents for the other people with the tastes like my owns.

I visit this web site every time a use the computer, that's every time  that my mom doesn't. most of the time I download music at the same time that I am working (doing some for the university, chating with my friends or playing) .

I don't use so much the computer but I think that this site is very useful for people that like music and books but they don't have time or money (or just they don't want) to buy any of this.

Monday, May 4, 2009


My favorite pice of technology is the mp3 player, because its always with me, and makes my travels on the bus more pleasant.

It was a gift from my parents for my 19 birthday. Before I had an Cd player and was happy with it, but died!!

Normaly I use it when a have to take the bus and go to the university or anywhere else. I also use it in my house when I have to study and the noises that my family makes don't let me do it in peace.

I also like another pice of technology, the digital camera, although I prefer the analogous one but sadly I don't have one, I hope I will someday. I found the photography very interesting so every time I can I go out and take some pictures.

The technology, the electronic products don't interesting me so much, I use them because it helps to do some stuff and cause the society force you to been conected, like with the internet and the cellphones but this things don't make crazy like it does with some people.

the exception to this are the mp3 player and the camera, cause one helps me trough my upseting travel in bus and the other its related with an art interesting.

Monday, April 27, 2009


As I said before I'm a student of art history. I choose this career cause combine the areas that I like the most, art, history and philosophy, so I didn't have to choose between any of this things.

the subjects that I found more interesting and I like the most are sociology of art and a class about cine. I think that these subjects give me a different approach to the art, they are a reading of the art related with the productions ways.

one of the posibilities this career has is to bring the art closer to the people, it is able to show us the importance of the art in the human history, and how the change on the society and their ideology have had an influence in the changes of how to look the art and the productions ways. this is why the professionals of this career need to work on their visual and criticals abilities, so they can make the art more interesting in diferents ways each day, they can show to the society different ways to read a piece of art.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a place to live forever

although i don't know many places of Chile there is one that i found amazing, Valparaiso.
when i was younger i went almost every year to expend the summer. I stayed in my relative's house.
most of the time i went with my parents and my sister, but some years i went with my sister only.

i specially enjoyed when we go out for a walk around the city, but i also liked go to the beach in Viña del Mar.
i found Valparíso so appealing cause it has a great energy, it makes me feel relaxed and inspired. i also like the very special atmosphere that take you back in time, it is like another world.

lately i try to go every time a can even if it is just for a day. i hope someday i will live in this city.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A little about me

Hi I'm Beatriz and I'm a student of History of art in the university of Chile.

I'm a person who likes enjoy life and spend time with the people that i care about. also i'm very attached to my freedom, i need to have time to do the things that i really like.

i like very much everything thats related whit art, more specifically i like the potography, i hope i can study it when i finish with this degree.

that's all i can write about me for the moment, but i will continue in other time.