Monday, June 22, 2009

my experience.....

I really don't know how my bloggin experience was, because I think that was good for improve in my writing skills, but at the same time I don't like very much this type if things (the blog thing).
the good part of this was that I could learn something new like use a blog, at first I had some issues because I didn't know exactly how to use this, I even loose one post complete once and I had to write it again (of course rocio laugh of me). so I can say that this activity had moments very fun.

the bad part was that sometimes I didn't like the topics that we had to write about, and sometimes I didn't know what to write about this topics so I took some time, maybe to much, to do this activity, but the important is that I did all the post.

the part related to the class I think that the blog help to get better or at least try to get better in the writing, but I really don't know if I improve much or not, I think that I did, because now I put more atention in the gramar (before I didn't even notice) and also helped me to learn to use the past in a better way, altough I still need to work on it.

even I didn't like this activity specially and didn't like to use this mean to express i think we have to try and look the positive part of this, because we have to do this anyway, so it's better put a happy face jjejee.

I don't know if we are going to have to do this the next semester but if we do at least I already kmow how to write in a blog, so I don't going to have the sames problems that I had this one.... I hope


  1. I agree with you about the topics.

    See u, soon or later!

  2. The practice is only that can help us tobe better english speakers :) and we are doing it!
    see you... maca.

  3. I remember when you post just desappear...that was quite funny,...