Monday, April 27, 2009


As I said before I'm a student of art history. I choose this career cause combine the areas that I like the most, art, history and philosophy, so I didn't have to choose between any of this things.

the subjects that I found more interesting and I like the most are sociology of art and a class about cine. I think that these subjects give me a different approach to the art, they are a reading of the art related with the productions ways.

one of the posibilities this career has is to bring the art closer to the people, it is able to show us the importance of the art in the human history, and how the change on the society and their ideology have had an influence in the changes of how to look the art and the productions ways. this is why the professionals of this career need to work on their visual and criticals abilities, so they can make the art more interesting in diferents ways each day, they can show to the society different ways to read a piece of art.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a place to live forever

although i don't know many places of Chile there is one that i found amazing, Valparaiso.
when i was younger i went almost every year to expend the summer. I stayed in my relative's house.
most of the time i went with my parents and my sister, but some years i went with my sister only.

i specially enjoyed when we go out for a walk around the city, but i also liked go to the beach in Viña del Mar.
i found Valparíso so appealing cause it has a great energy, it makes me feel relaxed and inspired. i also like the very special atmosphere that take you back in time, it is like another world.

lately i try to go every time a can even if it is just for a day. i hope someday i will live in this city.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A little about me

Hi I'm Beatriz and I'm a student of History of art in the university of Chile.

I'm a person who likes enjoy life and spend time with the people that i care about. also i'm very attached to my freedom, i need to have time to do the things that i really like.

i like very much everything thats related whit art, more specifically i like the potography, i hope i can study it when i finish with this degree.

that's all i can write about me for the moment, but i will continue in other time.