Thursday, October 8, 2009

faculty of arts Las Encinas

The faculty of arts of the uneversity of chile is divided in three parts, two are in the center of Santiago (the music one and the drama one), and the other its in the campus Juan Gomez Millas, and is the one that I'm study. in this faculty are the careers if visual arts and History of arts. maybe this situation its the most important if we think about the other faculties in the university that are all together, by their specifics areas. this situation in our faculty makes the union between the students difficult and some times there is not relation at all.

Besides this situation there is another that is important as well, the infrastructure is not the best, like some classrooms that have chairs that are not very comfortable and some times there are not the number that its needed. also the english laboratory don't work in the way that supposed to, like the connection to the net is very slow, and the computers are many times in bad conditions. and not just the infrasturcture is not the best, the people who work in the administration area are not very productive, when you go to ask for some things they never know anything and just send you to another office where they tell you that have not idea what are you talking about and that you have to go to ne other office........ the same that send you to them in the first place....... it is very frustrating.

maybe if the government or the authorities of the university took more seriously the situation of the students of art, and the art itself, they do something for fix the situation. I think that one step to improve our situation is the bicentenario project that it's going to take place in the next years in the campus JGM, altough I think that is not the best project but we can see it like a intent for improve this and the other faculties of the campus.

for the last I left the thing that I find is the best of our faculty, the grass, the mot nice place in all faculty, where we can study, relax, eat, and party jejeje.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

the chilean people

first of all I think that the identity of the nations in general has been changing because of the globalization, wich make that some characteristics that in one time belong to one nation, today we can seeit in several parts of the world.
the identity of chileans in particular and the Latin Americans in general are condition by the colonialism, this is why I think that maybe in this country sometimes is difficult find our own identity, because we are a mix of many cultures, like the spanish, the natives, and today we are also influenced by the north american culture. but maybe we can see this mix of cultures like the essence of our, maybe Chile is just that.
but maybe the most awful about our identity is that we try to live like the biggest countries, like France or England, and we forget about what's really ours, the native culture. in the time of the colonialism many native groups who lived in this country were exterminated, and just a few ones remain, like the mapuche people, that are ours inmediated relatives, but we think that we are better that them and so we treat them.
I think the most of the chileans are socially ambicious and they look to native persons like if were less just because they are natives, but they don't see that mapuches are a very important part of our identity, not just of our genetic but our history too. they were one of the few (or maybe the only) native group that fougth with the colonizer and resist for many many years, and not just that, they were capable of cause several looses in the enemy. but in stead of treat them with respect we create laws that make them terrorist, when all they do is try to fight for what is right, the right to live in the land that belong to them.
I think taht if we aprecciate more our roots (like others Latin Americans countries does) maube we can have a more strong identity, and we were not just a county who want to be like others.