Thursday, October 8, 2009

faculty of arts Las Encinas

The faculty of arts of the uneversity of chile is divided in three parts, two are in the center of Santiago (the music one and the drama one), and the other its in the campus Juan Gomez Millas, and is the one that I'm study. in this faculty are the careers if visual arts and History of arts. maybe this situation its the most important if we think about the other faculties in the university that are all together, by their specifics areas. this situation in our faculty makes the union between the students difficult and some times there is not relation at all.

Besides this situation there is another that is important as well, the infrastructure is not the best, like some classrooms that have chairs that are not very comfortable and some times there are not the number that its needed. also the english laboratory don't work in the way that supposed to, like the connection to the net is very slow, and the computers are many times in bad conditions. and not just the infrasturcture is not the best, the people who work in the administration area are not very productive, when you go to ask for some things they never know anything and just send you to another office where they tell you that have not idea what are you talking about and that you have to go to ne other office........ the same that send you to them in the first place....... it is very frustrating.

maybe if the government or the authorities of the university took more seriously the situation of the students of art, and the art itself, they do something for fix the situation. I think that one step to improve our situation is the bicentenario project that it's going to take place in the next years in the campus JGM, altough I think that is not the best project but we can see it like a intent for improve this and the other faculties of the campus.

for the last I left the thing that I find is the best of our faculty, the grass, the mot nice place in all faculty, where we can study, relax, eat, and party jejeje.

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  1. I think that our contry don't have a art polity, so our faculty con't cover all our needs