Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm going to talk about the transantiago and its development since its apperance.

when the yellow buses was on the street the poeple had to pay every time they get in, but now with the new system you only have to pay one time, I think that is better because you could save a lot of money.

the worst part of this system is the routes, because the people who did the master plan seems to forgot about the puputation who lives in the extrems of the city. other thing that is worst about this compared to the old system is the frecuency of the buses, which are very slow. sometimes I have to wait for over 30 minutes to finally get on the bus, and sometimes I just can't get in because the bus is full.

in spite of this I find that the system it's a little better that in the beginning. now there are more buses (altough they are not enuogh), but I don't thing that is much more better than before.

I don't now if it's for better or worst but the people is getting used to this system, so like everything in life, we maybe don't fights for our rights of having a decent bus system like we should have. the authority should try, really try to make things better, because they always do the things in a bad way and spect for that to work, in papper is all beautiful, but in the reallity is not. maybe if they care more about this it wouldn't be so hard to fix it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the animal rights

the animals are considered by the humans like objects and property, and for this reason the human race believe that they can do anything they want whit them. people use the animals to do experiments, for fun like in the circus or meking them fight, and also treat them like if they were objects that not feel any pain so the humans kille them in the most horrible way as posible.
I personally think that this is not right because the animals don't belong to us, the animals are part of the world and we just share it with them, and because of this I found necessary to look out for them, and try to coexist in harmony.
fortunately exist some people that cares about this situation and expend most of they lives trying to create conscience about the animal rights, and also trying to save them for the indiscriminate slaughter. the most famous group is maybe Greenpeace and they not just worry about animals they worry about the environment too.
In Chile I think that the animal rights are not very consider, because the people are not very conscience about how the industries mistreat them, and the authority do very little to create a concience, because taking care of animals is more expensive that not doing nothing at all.
in the past days we are seen in the news several cases about people that not respect the animals, llike the situation in Valparaiso were many dogs were mistreat. this is just one example but I think that it represent how this society treat thoose beings that we thought are inferior to us.
for all of this I try to use products that are not tested in animals and also try to eat the least meet posible