Saturday, May 30, 2009

my friends

My best fiends  are Carolina and Cote. we know since school and we share a lot together.  
they always were with me when I need them, and I did the same for them.

we have a lot in comon but in many things we are opossite, I think that it's the reason for us to be friends, we complemet each other, even in the career we choose, one study auditing and the other nursery, and me...... well you know I study arts.  each one in a diferent area of studies. and altough we have diferent visions  we share many ideas of  life.
I really like that they make me laugh and  they  make my day happier.

in the last time we split up a little for things of our studies, and we don't see us much lately but I remember them always and I try to talk to them every time I can.

luckily in the university I meet people that are really nice to me and I care a lot about them. we have so much in common, style of life, ideals, and dreams to the future. even we know each other for one year and a half, we get closer and share a lot of important things, they are pachi, rocio, pancha, vale, jose.    

my favorite web site

My favorite web site is . this  site is for downloading all kind of things, such as music, book, videos,  etc. it's a free web site and allow me to get the things that I can´t buy or that I can't find in this country.

I discovered when I was searching in the web for some music that I wanted, and also some people told me about it. since I found it I love it because I don't have to look for the things that I like in all web, I just have to enter in this site and search for anything that I want. I also can upload documents for the other people with the tastes like my owns.

I visit this web site every time a use the computer, that's every time  that my mom doesn't. most of the time I download music at the same time that I am working (doing some for the university, chating with my friends or playing) .

I don't use so much the computer but I think that this site is very useful for people that like music and books but they don't have time or money (or just they don't want) to buy any of this.

Monday, May 4, 2009


My favorite pice of technology is the mp3 player, because its always with me, and makes my travels on the bus more pleasant.

It was a gift from my parents for my 19 birthday. Before I had an Cd player and was happy with it, but died!!

Normaly I use it when a have to take the bus and go to the university or anywhere else. I also use it in my house when I have to study and the noises that my family makes don't let me do it in peace.

I also like another pice of technology, the digital camera, although I prefer the analogous one but sadly I don't have one, I hope I will someday. I found the photography very interesting so every time I can I go out and take some pictures.

The technology, the electronic products don't interesting me so much, I use them because it helps to do some stuff and cause the society force you to been conected, like with the internet and the cellphones but this things don't make crazy like it does with some people.

the exception to this are the mp3 player and the camera, cause one helps me trough my upseting travel in bus and the other its related with an art interesting.