Friday, September 4, 2009

avant garde

today I'm going to talk about my favorite avant garde, but I really don't know if a have a favorite one. I think that the avant garde most interesting for me is the russian contructivism, because the meaning that the people of this movment tried to gave to the art and the artist.

the construtivism think about the artist in a new way, before he just had to dedicate to his art, and he just work with the elements of art (like canvas, or paintbrush...). but with this movment that vision change, now the artist is a builder, who try to make objects that are not just an contemplation object but a useful object, useful for the people in general.

wht the constructivism try to do is improve the life of the workers and their families.

the most representatives artist of this are El Lissitsky, Ana Popova and Vladirmir Tatlin.

I think that Tatlin was the most representative of all because it was him who in many ways bring to life this movement. he's most famous work, at least the mos important was the monumet of the third international, work that never was made, he just made a model, that was destroy and today we only have a picture. this monument it was suposed to be a symbol of the proletariat, a kind of eiffel tower of Russia.

I like this avant garde bacause in so many ways develop an idea about how the world should be, a world were the poor ones had oportunities and they can change the world. all the avant gardes tried to do something about the way that the people in the power rules, but maybe the constructivism was the most meaningfull.