Thursday, November 5, 2009

the challenges of art history

today I'm going to talk about the challenges that art history has today. maybe one of the greatest challenge is the one related with the job once we finish the career, find a job it's very difficult but not impossible, if we really try and search there are always a way to find one.
in the matter of technology I think that it's maybe a not a challenge itself, because it could be use in a positive way, we could be more connected with people who work in the same area that we do in other countries, or we also have more access to the information, although this could be at the same time a difficulty because today exist to much information, so it's a little hard to find what we really need.
in the art itself the technology is an opportunity for new types of art, like video art of photography, and it also could be a challenge because today any person could do a video or take a photograph, and the artist work is sometimes left on the side. for the other hand the new technology came to replace some types of art like paint, or maybe not replace but out of place, because for the people it's more interesting see "new things" that things that are old. in spite of this some artist are working mixing the paint we the technology.
in other topics related with the education area I think that the art history it's not very known. in the schools the programs or studies don't have included nothing related with this, only the art class, but it's mot the same. I think that it's important for the children and for all to know some about art, like they know about history in general or mathematics. if we ask to any child what chilean artist know they probably to mention some person who work on tv, and if you ask about one painter the probably don't know any. maybe if the state care much about this type of things the education of our people were more complete and maybe more satisfactory.
and how in the area of education the art history is so poor in the social level the art it's also very little known. today the art it's related in his mayority inside a group related to the art, like the critics, the theoreticals, and the same artists. people in general don't understand the art of nowadays, but it's not their fault, is a matter of all that we involved in this area and it's a matter of the authorities of the country.


  1. Wow. We understood the point in a completely different ways!

  2. hi bea, i agree . In some sense its a responsability to open the art field to a large group .

  3. Your post it's so similar to mine!...well, as always...but, i agree with you, and this are a few points of all that we can recognize.